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Dealing With Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Low back pain during pregnancy can be a major issue.

During pregnancy women often suffer from lower back pain and it can become a major issue. The three most common reasons for this suffering is the gaining of weight, the way in which you walk has changed with being pregnant and your hormones. Hormones will bring about the relaxation of muscles and ligaments throughout the whole body. The good news is there are ways in which to reduce the occurrences or intensity of lower back pain in the early stages of pregnancy.

For pregnant women, good posture is an excellent way to get rid of lower back pain and practicing it as much as possible. Your centre of gravity will shift forward as your child inside keeps on growing. Your weight shifts forward you will compensate by leaning back. This puts a lot of strain on your lower back muscles. This extra strain is the biggest contributor to a sore back. With posture in mind standing up in a straight and tall fashion don’t lock your knees back, relax your shoulders and keep your chest up.

When you are in a standing position, make use of wider stance to get the best support. When sitting also, pick out a chair that will support your back or you can place a small pillow at your lower back. Furthermore, you need to wear shoes with low heels and with proper arch support. A maternity belt can often be useful. Another thing to do will be to lift properly. Do not try to bend your waist and instead, squat down and lift using your legs. In addition, physical activities which are regularly integrated in your daily routine will help in making your back strong and can actually relieve a sore lower back while you are pregnant. Swimming and walking can be good way to find relief or even to help strengthen your back, as long as you are able. You can even incorporate small stretching exercises into your routine too

Pelvic tilts will help with your posture as well as help strengthen your abs which will help provide pain relief. The recommended way to do pelvic tilts is to get on all fours and rotate your pelvis, at the same time contract your abdominal muscles.


If you do suffer from low back pain whilst pregnant speak to your doctor first to make sure your complaint is just a sore back and not the symptoms of an underlying condition or complication with your pregnancy.