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The Side Effects of Back Pain

Do you worry about the Side Effects of Back Pain?

Summary: It is a probably a good idea to learn all about back pain, it’s causes and the side effects of back pain, and how it can be prevented or relieved

Aside from the usual side effects of back pain, like the disturbance of your sleeping habits and the usual problems of sitting still during extended periods of time, the real concern should be addressed to the root cause for back pain. Because if the occurring back pain is persistent (e.g. chronic back pain) that spans over a period of time (such as 3 months) then there should be a considerable cause behind it. Unfortunately since back muscles are the hardest working muscle group in the body, back pains are a frequent occurrence which indirectly affects it being the hardest to identify condition. So its is a good investment to learn all about back pain, the causes and the side effects of back pain, and how it is prevented or if the condition is occurring, how best to relieve the effect. Remember, if you are fully equipped with the proper knowledge, you will be able to initiate the best preventive measure for any ailment anytime.

Should you suffer from any (or all) of the following conditions accompanying your back pain, then it is strongly advised that you obtain help and advice from a health care professional.

  • Fever and chills – back pain with fever especially if accompanied by chills (indication of severe body heat loss) is often a symptom of a viral infection. The back pain is usually where the affected gland is. One such example is Hepatitis, where a blunt pain is experienced in the lower back and accompanied by fever and chills. Appendicitis also shows these symptoms.
  • History of cancer with recent weight loss (or unexplained weight loss) – it is not uncommon for cancer to be the actual cause for the back pain.
  • Severe trauma – fractured or cracked spinal vertebrae, is a deadly cause for back pain. If you continue to suffer from persistent back pain problems after a surgical operation, very probably there are still issues that are overlooked. Consult your surgeon. Likewise, if you experience a sharp pain moments after you had a sharp fall, then you should be on your way to the doctor.
  • Significant weakness on the legs accompanying a back pain signifies a major nerve disorder. Dysentery, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis are also a possibility.
  • Sudden bowel and/or bladder incontinence – either difficulty passing urine or having a bowel movement, or loss of control of urination or bowel movement. Although in some cases, this is self treatable.
  • Severe, continuous abdominal pain and back pain signifies major problems in the organs.

Though in some cases, back pains don’t cause major problems (cases where the above conditions are absent), the best course of action is to is start an exercise programe, which should be supplemented with a healthy diet and adequate water consumption. If you experience a bad back, be sure not to worry too much at first. Things may not be as bad as they appear to be. Study your condition. If nothing is out of place, side effects of back pain will mostly interfere with your daily routine which can be annoying. At worst, side effects of back pain may include discomfort in sitting in extended periods, a possible disturbance in your sleep patterns, and an irritating pain every time you try to bend over. In either case, it’s nothing that a good living (with regular and appropriate exercise) cannot cure.