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Too Much Sleep Is Bad For Your Back

Too much sleep is bad for your back

In an article called Lumbago we said that too much sitting can trigger symptoms of lower back aches and pains, but did you know that too much sleep, and more importantly, bad sleep in an unsuitable bed may also cause back problems?

Whilst you sleep your body moves around allowing the spine to “stretch” a little and the discs receive blood and oxygen essentially decompressing the spine. However, once this is achieved the flow reduces and the body moves blood and warmth to other organs of the body. So although the spine was originally stretched and re-vitalised, as sleep continues it becomes  vulnerable to strains and sprains. The muscles become tight and your back isn’t ready to just suddenly jump out of bed!

This is similar to the exercise theory; that movement is good for your back as it encourages the flow of blood to the discs, helping to reduce any potential back injuries.

But remember, you have now been lying relatively still all night – IS YOUR BACK READY FOR THE DAY AHEAD?

Treat your back to a quality mattress

Too much sleep is bad for your backA soft inviting mattress may seem attractive for a comfortable sleep but in reality, a good firm mattress will give your back the rest it deserves.  There are many good orthopaedic mattresses available, so be prepared to spend some time and money investing in a good one.  The benefits of a healthy back will far outweigh the potential cost of top quality mattress and lessen the risk of strains and injury to your back, and hopefully give you good nights sleep too!

Seek advice on the correct mattress for you, remembering that if you have a bed partner, he or she must be comfortable too. Also make sure you check any mattress together as the possible change in weight or position may affect that particular mattresses benefit to your back, and possibly theirs.

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Stretch your back before you get up!

What can you do to reduce back problems from either too much sleep or simply being to eager to leap out of bed?

Simple stretches for your back that can be done in bed can lessen the risk of back strain or injury are an easy way to get your spine warmed up for the day.

Here’s how:

  • Lie on your back in a comfortable, relaxed position and extend your legs. 
  • Then slowly raise your arms over your head and lay them on the bed.
  • Reach both arms as far over your head as is comfortable.
  • Then, do the same with your legs and toes, pointing your toes toward the foot of the bed.
  •  Only stretch to the point of mild tension, but hold the stretch for ten seconds, and then allow your whole body to relax.
  • For maximum benefit, repeat this stretch a few times.