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Treatments for Lower Back Muscle Pain

Take a read through these various lower back muscle pain treatments and see which is suitable for you.

Lower back muscle pain is generally speaking, no cause for alarm. For instance, in the US alone, back pain is one of the most common reasons that people visit their doctor, next to headache. In fact, 90% of most adults will experience some form of low back muscle pain at some point in their lives, and the majority of these adults are working men.

Paradoxically, the more intense the pain that occurs, the less the severity and extent of the physical damage will be. For example, a simple back sprain from extended periods of sitting down often leads to a strained muscle. Though not at all that serious, the nagging pain can and does, often interfere with the work, especially on professionals who need plenty of room to concentrate. Muscle spasm that occurs mostly in athletes and those who do a lot of manual work will find that a simple back strain could cause excruciating back pain making them unable to walk or even stand properly. In contrast, a large herniated disc or completely degenerated spinal structure in the elderly can be completely painless.

The causes of low back muscle pain are very complex since the back muscles are complex in themselves. Numerous lower back muscle pain treatments have been established to meet this problem.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Though chiropractic medicine normally is about the structural elements of the body, chiropractors have often argued that structural manipulation does not only benefit the bones directly, it also affects other areas, if not all the entire back area. Chiropractic manipulation of the bones can promote skeletal mobility, blood circulation and muscle toning. It is difficult to verify the authenticity of statements about chiropractic medicine since it is still holistic by large. And, since most chiropractic patients experience amazing results, it remains a valid treatment method for many people. It seems that chiropractic treatment of lower back muscles has its place for many patients.


Thin, pre-sterilized, disposable needles are used in acupuncture treatments to re-establish the proper flow of blood through the back, helping to alleviating lower back muscle pain. The resulting flow increases circulation for oxygen, blood and lymph nodes work together and so speed up the healing process. Research conducted by medical specialists has shown that indeed, acupuncture cause the release of neuro-chemicals such as endorphins, enkephalins, serotonin and corticosteroids all of which contribute to the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Therapy and Massage

Therapy and massage is a common path taken by lower back muscle pain sufferers for relief. In fact, medical science has always referred massage therapy as a legitimate aid for lower back pain and an effective adjunct to lower back treatments. 54% of doctors refer therapy and massage as a complement to the regimen that they prepare for their patients.

Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami conducted a 2001 research on massage and back pain. They found that “massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety, and improved sleep. The massage therapy group also showed improved range of motion and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher.” (International Journal of Neuroscience, 106, 131-145).